How to Use WhatsApp for Business

How to Use WhatsApp for Business

Whatsapp is a texting service between mobile phones at a replacement for the regular SMS text messages. It is very economical way to connect with people through wifi service of internet. People use whatsapp for personal as well business purpose. They share videos, photos and voice messages through this service. The countries where SMS is less accessible or more expensive, whatsapp For business purpose is very popular. It is very helpful to connect directly to customer. Free calls to other customer are supported. For marketing purpose it is also known now days.

Use WhatsApp for Business
Use WhatsApp for Business

Brands promote their products or advertise new innovation through whatssap. Some business put there number on website letting the public know they can be reached using application which is a quicker and cheap way reached to end product. Whatsapp offer a real time way to connect with global market. Communication with customer is not a time bound it opens 24/7. Here are some facts to understand that Whatsapp for business is very good toll.

Ways to Use WhatsApp for Business

Business on whatsapp:

Use WhatsApp for BusinessPeople have built new business as well promote or grow their existing business by using whatsapp. By adding whatsapp number on website you can directly reached to end customers. A company or a sole proprietor sends pictures of product to customers. Customers could reserve or purchase product after seeing these picture and videos. Through whatsapp location Icon Company directly sends the product to end users. Whatspp is a very cost effective way to do business as it doesn’t required any outlet. Customers directly order for the product on whatsapp number of company and receive within 10 days or more.

Brand positioning:

Marketing is actually to provide s product according to customers need and wants. Whatsapp for business is a way to directly communicate with customers and know what your customers want from you and you’ll be able to position your product. Your customers will be more delighted by your personalized assistance then formal or professional one. As a brand, positioning is very important in the mind of customer. After providing direct answers of their quires you can show your care to customers.

Whatsapp for Marketing and promotion:

Ways to Use WhatsApp for BusinessUse WhatsApp for BusinessWhatsapp can be used for Varity of marketing activities. Whatsapp makes it easy to invite customer feedback and complaint purpose. It is a best place to offers a product by showing videos or images and offers discount coupons and festive offers. It is a good one to one platform for direct communication with customers. Brands by offering discounts like sale on specific items for specific days promote their brand. Ideally brands use whatsapp to maintain existing loyal customers and through word of mouth marketing strategies reached to new users. Whatsapp for business is cost effective to promote brand.

Customer service and relationship:

Use WhatsApp for BusinessWhatsapp for business is a way builds strong and potential customers. No one like calls from unknown numbers but through whatsapp you will get 40% more response. Customers are now familiar to voice their concerns about brand quite easily. Communication with customers is not time bound and opens 24/7. In any emergency or tensed condition whatsapp came in real handy to inform your customers about late delivery of products. For building strong customer relationship you have sent quotation to your potential customers. Through feedback and their good or bad response company enable to maintain services.