The Benefits of Flaxseed Oil for Health

Glossy magazines constantly write about what we need to move from sunflower oil olive in cooking. However, our native flax oil somehow undeservedly forgotten, although many experts about it more highly than an olive. Here are some Benefits of Flaxseed Oil for Health.

Linen for many years known as one of the first crops, which began to cultivate people. This plant feeds and clothes the person takes care of his health. The reference to flax can be found in the works of Hippocrates and Avicenna.

The Benefits of Flaxseed Oil for Health
The Benefits of Flaxseed Oil for Health

Why flaxseed oil helpful OR What are the Benefits of Flaxseed Oil for Health?

According to nutritionists linseed oil normalizes the whole body, prevents the development of many diseases because it contains fatty acids (and much more than in the famous fish oil!), Plenty of vitamins. That is why flaxseed oil has a positive effect on the respiratory and cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, prevents thrombosis, increases the protective properties of the organism, normalizes metabolism and so on. Doctors recommend taking flaxseed oil for the prevention of a vast number of diseases in adults and children. It is difficult even to list all of the major diseases that can be prevented or mitigated them for using this old means.

The composition of flaxseed oil:

  • Fats: omega-3, 6, 9 (10%), saturated fatty acids (stearic, myristic and palmitic acid);
  • Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B4, B6, B9, E (choline), K, F;
  • Macro- and trace elements potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, iron, zinc;
  • Besides also linamarin, phytosterols, squalene, thioproline, lecithin, beta carotene.

Likewise, because such composition linseed oil is used in anti-aging cosmetics and the treatment of the scalp hair. For example, for the treatment of dandruff and restore hair coloring exhausted flaxseed oil rubbed into the scalp.

Caution to receive linseed oil (with food or in capsules) must be treated in people who have low blood clotting, in acute diseases, if you are hypersensitive.

Please note that you need to store flaxseed oil in a dark container in a cool and dark place.