How to Look Gorgeous Without Makeup

You want to look like your favorite celebrity? You want to look gorgeous without makeup?  Obviously Yes….. I want and, I am sure you also want to look like your favorite celebrity. How to look attractive and gorgeous without makeup may look a surprising to you especially in the presence of today’s glittering world of cosmetics and beauty products. But the fact is that you can look gorgeous without makeup just like your favorite celebrity. Every face has its own glow and charm and makeup is used to enhance it. The following tips will save your skin from dangerous effects of makeup and make you attractive and pretty and also raise your natural beauty.

 You Are Beautiful, First Realize Yourself:

“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.”

Look Gorgeous Without MakeupLook Gorgeous Without Makeup

Firstly you will have to realize yourself that you are pretty and look gorgeous without makeup. It’s just like restoring confidence in your own being and certainly it’s the first step. It’s completely depends on your own will, think and believe that you have your own charming personality and declare it with confidence among people instead of feeling shy before people whom you think beautiful. Again and again repeat it to yourself that you are pretty without makeup. Your confidence will enhance your body gesture and strengthen your behavior and ultimately it will impart a glow to your face.  Make smile a part of your personality and you will soon notice that smile will make you feel pretty even with no makeup on.

Look Gorgeous Without Makeup
Look Gorgeous Without Makeup

Take Care of Your Skin: One of the most important things to keep your skin fresh and looking good is keeping well hydrated. you can look gorgeous without makeup just drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily. Water makes your skin hydrated and fresh. In winter some people don’t like to drink more water, if you don’t like water or it’s just too boring then add lemon or drink green tea or other healthy hot drink. While in summer people drink more water than in winter. Rather its winter or summer you must drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. Just make sure you are well hydrated. Drinking water is extremely emphasized to keep your skin fresh, hydrated and give it a moist glow, and also remove toxins from your body that’s your skin will look young and fresh. 

Look Gorgeous Without MakeupDon’t Touch Your Skin: One of the best techniques to how to look gorgeous without makeup is to keep your hands away from your face. Usually we have the habit to touch our face unnecessarily all the day and this habit is quit hard to change. This habit actually damages your skin and may cause of pimples. Avoid touching your face and keep your hairs away from your face. 

Look Gorgeous Without MakeupWash Your Face Twice A Day: If you want to look gorgeous without make and avoid amakeup at any cost then you will have to wash your face not only in the morning but once at night time also. Wash your face twice a day but not more than that because it will make your skin extra dry and create irritation in your skin. Use good quality face wash and cleanser. Don’t forget to wash your hands properly before start washing your face.

Look Gorgeous Without Makeup
Look Gorgeous Without Makeup

Avoid Junk Food and Other Beverages: if you really want to know that how to look gorgeous without makeup then change your diet. Avoid Junk foods and cold drinks (soda) that creates many health issues. Eat homemade healthy food and drink fruit juices and fruity milkshakes instead of drinking sodas and best drink for your health is plain water that makes your skin fresh and makes you healthy. Healthy food is very important to enrich the beauty of your skin and also for overall health functioning of your body. Add fresh fruits and salad in your diet and make a healthy and balanced diet full of nutrition and vitamins and intakes of fats and protein in your meal.