How to Use Google Plus for Business

Google plus is a part of social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Google Plus launched in June 2011. It provide features including post photos and status updates to the stream or interest based communities, group different types of relationships into circles, a multi person instant messaging also text and video calls called Hangouts, event , location tagging and the ability to edit and upload photos to private cloud based albums. According to a research, Google Plus now has 359 active users, which puts it ahead of Twitter’s 200 million users. With this boost in numbers, it’s clear that now is the time to use Google Plus for business. Google Plus may not be as popular as Facebook or Twitter. But don’t let that fact discourage you from using Google Plus for business. You just can’t ignore the social network created by Google Inc. more and more businesses are trying to know how best to leverage Google Plus in their networking, branding or marketing. Here is a guide on all of the things you need to take advantage of Google Plus to gain more exposure for your content and your business.

Use Google Plus for Business
Use Google Plus for Business

Use Google Plus for Business

Authorship with Your Personal Google Plus Profile: Google use authorship to create a visual link between you and the content you publish. The better search results listing helps readers identify your content at a glance and help you build authority and influence. There are two ways you can claim your Google Plus Authorship.Use Google Plus for Business

  1. Register an email from the domain that you contribute to.
  2. Link your content with your Google Plus profile.

When you have claimed your Authorship, your Google Plus profile photo will automatically show up next to each of your posts in search results.

Connection between Your Business Website and Your Google Plus Page: The Google Plus badge allows you to link your Google Plus page to your website. Using the badge will help you increase your Google Plus audience from your website and from within search results. Install a Google Plus badge on your website to allow readers follow you on Google Plus without leaving your site. You can also use the direct connect option to link your Google Plus page to your website without using official follow badge or button. When you link your website to Google Plus page the latest status update will show up in search results. Direct connection between Google Plus page increase your followers and establishes your business as a source of quality, authoritative content.Use Google Plus for Business

Express Yourself With Better Cover Photo: Your Google Plus cover Photo must be bigger and better. Take advantage of this great visual branding opportunity and upload an impressive design. Your cover photo is the showcase of your new products, express your brand image, share your physical location, that shows what your average customer looks like and advertise your next major event. This feature will tell you the use of Google Plus for business.Use Google Plus for Business

Google Plus as Your Business Page: instead of using your personal profile, use your business page and boost followers and exposure on use Google Plus for business page, the interact with others on Google Plus as your page. Use your Google Plus page when you interact with people in Google Plus communities and to interact with people who are following your page.

Use Google Plus for Business Hangouts:  You can use Google Plus hangouts for many things like interviews, panel discussions. Live webinars, private meetings and just about anything else. To boost your video content you can keep the recordings to add to your YouTube channel. You may find some open invite hangouts that you can jump into to get to know your audience better.Use Google Plus for Business

Create And Join Communities: You should also Use Google Plus for business. It provide the facility to large variety of communities to choose from similar to the selection you might find on Facebook or LinkedIn. If you can’t find the right community to your business then you can create it using your personal profile or your business page.Use Google Plus for Business

These Google Plus features can do a lot to help you to establish authority, increase visibility and increase an audience. And this will helps you to understand how to use Google Plus for Business.