How to Connect Sony Playstation 3 to the Monitor

How to Connect Sony Playstation 3 to the Monitor. The best option to display an image with a modern gaming console from Sony – it is, of course, widescreen TV with a big diagonal. The new TVs always have the support of a variety of connection methods. But it does not always have the opportunity to buy or use, so it is often necessary to connect the console to the computer monitor to the game.

How to Connect Sony Playstation 3 to the Monitor
How to Connect Sony Playstation 3 to the Monitor

Instructions for Connect Sony Playstation 3 to the Monitor

  1. Standard output of the PlayStation 3 video – this HDMI-connector. Included with the prefix has a cable that transmits both image and sound, which is very convenient. If you have a monitor has a HDMI-port, you can simply plug one end of the cable into the set-top box, the other – in the monitor.
  1. First, check whether there is a display in your HDMI. Look at the back of the monitor, where there are sockets for the power cable and the signal cable from the computer. If you find a suitable connector with a mark of HDMI, plug the cable into it from your console. Turn on the monitor, then turn on the console – most likely, you will see the boot screen PlayStation 3. Note that the computer at this time is best to turn off. Most monitors will automatically switch to the active source, so if your computer will send a signal to the monitor, you will see a picture of a normal desktop.
  1. Some monitors have a button Source, which allows you to select the image source manually. Press it several times until you see the message on the screen HDMI.
  1. The next option is applicable if you do not have to monitor the modern interface of high definition HDMI, but there is a DVI-connector. Its slot usually white with a plurality of holes for contacts. In this case, you need a program to test your monitor to the support for HDCP. It’s a security protocol high-definition video, without the monitor does not display a picture of a set-top box.
  1. Download and install the CyberLink BD & 3D Advisor. Run it and click the check point Blu-Ray Disc. Pay attention to the bottom line Video Connection Type. If the column it says No, your monitor does not support HDCP. Proceed to Step 6. If the inscription yes, then the monitor supports the function, and can be connected via an adapter.
  1. Buy an HDMI-to-DVI-D and audio-video cable from the set-top box with tulip connectors (white, red, yellow). Connect the adapter to the monitor DVI-jack, plug the HDMI-cable with one end into it, and the other – in the PlayStation 3. Then connect the white and red connectors to your speakers on the one hand and the console – on the other. You can include a console. Go ahead and set the audio output in the control panel of your PS3.
  1. If your monitor is not of HDMI cable and there is no support HDCP, there remains one possible connection – buy an adapter VGA Box. This adapter with one hand, connect the HDMI-cable from the PlayStation 3, on the other hand to slide the connector on the monitor and on the speakers. Turn on the console and you can use it. Please note that an adapter of this type is from 50 to 100 dollars, and most of it has to be ordered from the online store.